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Simple Hearing Aid Functionality

Components of Hearing Aids

At Hearing Your Way, we want you to understand the way your hearing aids work. Read below about the components that work together to provide hearing to individuals experiencing hearing loss.

How All Hearing Aids Work

Before we consider the differences, it will help to keep in mind how all hearing aids have fundamentally the same components. Modern digital hearing aids are compact electronic devices that are composed of four basic parts:

  • 1. The microphone picks up environmental sound and transfers it to the digital processor.
  • 2. The digital processor modifies the sound signal according to the settings programmed by the hearing specialist. The modified sound signal is then delivered to the amplifier.
  • 3. The amplifier boosts the volume of the sound based on the programmed settings, amplifying only the frequencies the patient has problems hearing. This signal is then transmitted to the speaker.
  • 4. The speaker supplies the enhanced sound to the ear, resulting in louder, clearer sound.

Each hearing aid also has a battery, control and volume buttons, and additional features and functions that we’ll discuss next.

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