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Variety of Hearing Aid Differences

Find the Hearing Aids That Suit You Best

Hearing Your Way has a variety of hearing aid options with differences in style, functionality, and more. If you need help selecting a pair, please let our experienced staff assist you!

How Hearing Aids Are Different

Even though all hearing aids have the same fundamental parts, there are four variables that render each model different. When deciding on a hearing aid model, your hearing specialist will assist you to narrow down your choices based on the four variables, which are:

  • 1. Style - There are numerous different styles of hearing aids. The style most suitable for you is dependent on several things, such as the extent of your hearing loss, your dexterity, and your listening objectives.
  • 2. Easy of use -Will a compact hearing aid be too challenging for you to physically handle? Would you like to use your cell phone as your hearing aid remote control?
  • 3. Functionality - Do you need telecoils so you can use your hearing aids with your cell phone? How about directional microphones so you can focus on speech?
  • 4. Price Most hearing care professionals are very good at finding a hearing aid that will satisfy your demands and your finances. The hearing aid your hearing specialist suggests is always based upon where they think you will attain the biggest return for what you are paying. Financing options are also available to you.

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