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Helpful Questions and Answers

Hearing Aid and Hearing Loss Information

The professionals at Hearing Your Way are always willing to listen to your questions and provide the answers you need! Read through some of our frequently asked questions below and contact us if you still have questions.

How Common Is Hearing Loss?

Hearing impairment affects many people at different stages of their lives. 55% of people over 60 years of age have some degree of hearing loss, rising to over 70% of people by the time they reach 70, and 93% of people 81 years and older. If your hearing is deteriorating, it isn't unusual at all. Hearing loss can impact your quality of life, and it's never too late to do something about it.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Most hearing loss is caused by the aging process. However, regular exposure to loud noises, heredity, and some illnesses can also cause hearing loss. Around 90% of all cases of hearing loss are because the microscopic hair cells in the cochlea (or inner ear) become damaged, which limits their ability to detect soft, higher frequency sounds and means that they can't send a complete signal to the brain. As a result, it becomes difficult to understand the consonants that allow us to understand speech.

What Is Open Fit?

Instead of “plugging” your ear the ear canal remains open, eliminating the “head in a barrel” effect. This design provides unbelievably natural sound and is virtually invisible! People will hardly notice you’re wearing a hearing aid and it is great for noisy environments.

How Long Should Hearing Aids Last?

As with any product, a hearing aid is guaranteed to work only as long as the manufacturer’s warranty lasts. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer warranties that cover defective components for one to three years. Few standard warranties cover normal wear and tear or lost/damaged hearing aids, although many companies offer extended warranties that guarantee repairs or replacements if something were to happen to the unit. Kept and cared for in optimal conditions, hearing aids should last most users four to six years, while seven or more years of reliable use is far less common.

What Are the Different Types Of Hearing Aids?

There are two different general types of digital hearing aids, and we offer both styles: over the ear style and in the ear custom style of hearing aids. For the over the ear style, we offer different sizes depending on what you prefer and what works best for your hearing loss. The custom in the ear hearing aids come in three different shapes: the completely in the canal, in the canal, and the full shell.

My Main Difficulty Is When I'm At Parties Or In Traffic. Why Is This?

There may be many reasons for difficulty in discriminating speech from background noise and this is usually an indication of sensorineural hearing loss. A hearing assessment will reveal the cause of this problem and properly prescribed and fitted hearing aids will normally provide a significant improvement.

As I Grow Older, Will My Hearing Get Worse?

It's generally accepted that our hearing worsens with age. Not only have older people's auditory system been exposed to noise for many years but also, as we age, all our facilities deteriorate, including our hearing. A free hearing test will quickly establish if you do have a hearing loss, and our hearing aid specialist will then be able to recommend suitable aids to improve your hearing. Regular hearing tests and aftercare will ensure that any deterioration in your hearing is picked up quickly so that your hearing aids always provide you with the best possible hearing improvement.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Hearing aids range in price based on style and brand, but at Hearing Your Way, we are able to offer hearing aids at very competitive prices because we are a locally owned provider. At Hearing Your Way, our top-of-the-line hearing aids are slim fit for a pair at $1,500 and RICs for a pair at $1,750.

What Can I Expect From My First Appointment?

Bring your hearing test - if you don't have one, we can schedule an appointment and perform a test for you. This consolation is intended to be an informative, helpful, and stress-free meeting with your hearing aid specialist. They will ask you about the history of your hearing loss, explore when and where you have the most difficulty with your hearing, and the type of situations that your hearing aids will need to cope with. Based on the information you provide and the test results, we will be able to recommend which hearing aids will help you best.

We can do service on all hearing aids we sell! Come see us if adjustments need to be made.